Desserts and Priorities

It has been 1 week already since I arrived. Things have been pretty stable already I think. There are some things that I need to purchase  and submit to HP, but so far so good. I wish my SSN would arrive so I can start really doing some action here. I don’t think I can buy a car yet, without one. I can’t even fix my Healthcare without it. Oh well, things that I need to work on.

Thanks to my friends/landlords Diane&Aaron, I’ve been eating in very nice places! The dessert places we’ve been to are to die for.

1. Grand Finale – this is a nice place in Glendale. The place looked very eclectic! I tried their cheesecake and I just fell in love. It was how I wanted it. It’s not super rich cheesecake, and not too sweet. It’s just right! I wish I can eat a lot of it and not gain any weight. The next time, I’ll try their famous Puff. Pricing is pretty reasonable as well!

2. Algamecis Bros. – this is good ice cream! I think I found an alternative to Graeter’s (it’s beside me now). It’s not super creamy ice cream, and it has this some sort of sherbet feel.  I tried their Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip ice cream. To. Die. For.

Once again, I don’t have photos for these places yet. Once Canon releases the new S95 camera, I’m gonna grab that and start shooting away. I just need a little bit more EQ.  Hold on, I need to keep my priorities straight. SSN will give me car. After car, maybe an apartment (up in the air still). Then, my gadgets. I went to Bestbuy earlier and I was looking at these nice LED TVs and Touchpads/Ipads, game consoles, and other gadgets. Yes, I don’t plan to bore myself to death. Can’t wait!


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