Mt. Adams


A friend and I stumbled into this festival last night. He was just showing me around so I can be familiarized with what’s available in Cincinnati. There are tons of amazing places in Cincinnati especially those with the view of Cincinnati skyline. I think there’s one in Ault Park and another one in Mt. Adams. The Kentucky-side view is also breathtaking.

Anyway, so it’s my first experience of a music festival here in Cincinnati and it’s pretty cool. The weather was nice — cool, but not cold. The crowd was also pretty diverse. There were yuppies, college students, families, and old folks — mostly nice-looking people. And, everyone was just having a good time with no worries of a riot breaking out, or anything bad. It was a perfect night out.

Overall, I feel more energized in building something out of nothing here in Cincinnati. Will I “nest” here? If you asked me a few months ago, I would have said a big sure “no”. Now that I am beginning to experience more of the Cincinnati life, I’m also starting to enjoy living here. So, I’m now on the fence regarding any post-Cincinnati life. I’m happy that things are turning out okay, but one thing I want  to get over with soon is the settling down part. I’m still crossing my fingers about that.


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