One Month

It has been a month already since I left the Philippines for Cincinnati. It’s a month of new experiences that I’ll never go through if I am still in the Philippines. It’s both good and bad, but I just have to move on and take what I can.

I feel that time has moved quickly than expected. For 30 days, I don’t think I have accomplished much of my ever growing to-do list. I still do not have a car yet and my rental will end by tomorrow. Most likely I will have to extend for another week. It is my fault and I’d say circumstantial as well. I think I can say now that a delay in your schedule will really cost you $$ and convenience. That’s that. I still have not decided firmly on other big items in my list like apartment hunting, monthly budget, buying furniture, getting a gym membership, traveling down to Atlanta, and living life. I think the penalty and hassle with the car delay will serve as my lesson and would force me to just get out of my comfort zone and actually start on my list.

I mentioned two things that I had realizations with — living life and comfort zone. I already complained a bit to some of my close friends about my “American life” and how unprepared I am with all of this. I just cannot pull myself out of my comfort zone (Filipino life) mindset and that is causing some sort of inertia for me. Case in point, the car delay. I just never had the need before to be self-reliant and inquisitive. Back home, my dad would have done everything for me. It rattled me. For the first time, I am forced to do things that is outside of my comfort zone. It’s difficult as hell. I need to do all the legwork in doing research and worse of all, I need to ask around.

I can still go on and on about how things are not as stellar as what I expected, but I think it’s best to just put a period and start on working on it. It’s not easy but no one will really do it for me. First on my list is to get more things on the list and really get the WHOLE picture in the next 30-60-90 days. Also, link those tasks to life goals that I need to address. Then, establish a defined and easy-to-manage schedule in for the day, week, month. And a tip from Dan, don’t forget to live life and improve your self.

It’s another to-do list for me, right? I will make a conscious effort to actually blog it so I don’t forget about it and I am able to really look into it on a daily basis.


One thought on “One Month

  1. This is just the period of disillusionment! It will pass and you’ll realize just how awesome you can be in a place that lets you live up to your potential!

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