Productivity Slump

I stumbled upon a LifeHack article on reversing productivity slumps. For the past weeks/months, I noticed that I was not as productive as I used to be. I don’t think I can actually attribute the lack of drive to age because I see tons of productive people in varying ages. So, it’s not that. It dawned to me that it’s probably because I just lost sight of what I want to achieve. As a big example of Pavlovian theory, I function in a way that if I work hard,  I receive something I really want in return. It’s pretty simple. Now, the difficult part is to finding that one thing that will push me to work harder.

Going back to the article, what does it say:

1. De-clutter. A clean sweep will always get things going in the right direction.

2. Remind yourself of your goals and why you want to achieve them.

3. Re-engage positive habits that support and encourage you.

I just read this article and I got Step #1 fixed up already. Yesterday, I was able to finally clean up my room and organized my stuff. It’s not a lot, but definitely a step forward considering that I’ve been here in the US for a month. The next challenge is to de-clutter my files (Step #1 part 2), and also revisit my goals (pre-work for Step #2). I’ll need to work on that today, and hopefully I can sort out my tracking file until December 2011, and then, do a new baseline for 2012.

As for Step #3, what are those positive productive habits that I had? Looking back in the last XYZ years, I’d say having a computing device handy proved to be one that made me most productive. In some of my weird mood swings, inspiration can hit me anywhere, and having a tablet/laptop can easily put me in a productivity frenzy. Another one is being outside the house. I’ve been a fixture in cafes. It’s foreign, and not that comfortable for me to slack off. Lost in a playlist of feel-good (aka pop/dance) music, I can easily work for 10 hours straight. So I need to find that “productivity place” somewhere and re-ignite that passion to do something.


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