What did I want to achieve?

I looked back in the earlier part of the year and revisited my 2011 goals. Just to recap, what did I want to achieve?
1. a better gym plan.
2. better relationships with old and new people in my life
3. tighter financial controls
4. iron out my 2-year personal plan
5. move out and be more independent

I’m happy to say that #4 and #5 have been executed very well. There were some small bumps, but it got executed amazingly. Actually, when I was reading that list earlier, I was really thinking hard what I meant by my personal 2-year plan. I reckon it’s related to something about moving out of the country because I remember that #4 and #5 were linked together. Anyway, those 2 things are scratched off the list and it’s one of the biggest achievements of the year for me.

Now, refocus on the first 3 items. It’s gonna be tough. I was trying to jumpstart my fitness routine by doing the fitness test of the Insanity video. Let’s just say I turned it off after 15 minutes due to fatigue. So, the next course of action is to try the P90x program and see if my fitness level can take it. If not, I’ll just have to run around the area while I do not have an active gym membership. To clarify, I haven’t gotten a membership because I’m trying to sort out where I will end up living (Loveland or somewhere else).  #3 is something tricky. I need to spend now until I finally have all the stuff I need to live comfortably here in Cincinnati. But, I still am keeping a floor with my savings.  For now, I’ll have to say 20% should go to savings. I’m crossing my finger if I can even meet that! Lastly, the toughest of them all — #2. I still need to do a lot of self-improvement for this one. I’m OK with my friends, but when it comes to new people, I just shut up and not talk at all. I need to be more open with people.

Let’s see what will happen in the last 4 months of 2011. Will I actually meet the remaining goals, or will I just rationalize things and say, hey I moved across the globe. Give me some slack!


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