Unbearable Chaos

Sometimes, I reach a point where things are just in disarray that I just stop and can’t move forward. I just get overwhelmed with the chaos surrounding me that I don’t know where to get the information, and how to proceed with things so it can actually be removed from my list. This is breaching the unbearable chaos threshold.

When I reach this point, I just spend hours organizing data, and things and making them structured in my head. I am not saying it becomes organized in neat piles, and folders. It’s a matter of reorganizing it to enable my self to process it. If I need a specific information about an item, I know where it is and how to retrieve it. The inefficiency bothers me. It makes me want to cry out of frustration. It’s that bad.

So my next step — transform all unstructured data that I have into something that I can process with ease. I don’t need Autonomy for that.

Did I already mention that I have some sort of obsessive-compulsion quirk?


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