Rocky Horror Picture Show

It’s Halloween weekend. Ivan said that we needed to do something “Halloween”. The initial choice was watching a marathon of Ghost Hunters, or watch the Rocky Horror Picture Show. It was an easy pick – I. Will. Never. Watch. Ghost. Hunters. So, we ended up watching cult classic, The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

It was my first time to see so I had a big V marked on my face. It was a good thing that there were tons of RHPS virgins during that night. It was a hilarious initiation of some sort. They called out all the Vs in front of the cinema and we had to make a popping sound with our mouth to simulate popping our RHPS cherries. There was this one person who did not want to go down, so the host beckoned everyone to say one big “Fuck You” to that person. I agreed with him when he said, it’s probably the largest group of people who can curse at you. That was hilarious.

The movie itself was camp and horrible. I can’t believe Susan Sarandon played as the heroine. The live theater mix was something interesting. I have never attended something of that sort. It was really more of the outside world mocking such a movie. There were tons of adlibs. There were tons of profanities. It was definitely obscene, but in a good way. It’s probably one of those things that you’ll do one time and never do it again. But you never know. It can be fun to watch it again.

So that’s my first dose of American Halloween.


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