Do I Look Motivated?

Weirdly, while going to lunch in Fountain Square, a stranger tried to make some small talk with me. He told me that, “You know, you look like you are a motivated person. Are you motivated?” Firstly, it was already weird that someone talked to me, and I actually entertained Mister Stranger and actually made some conversation with him. Of course, deep in my head,  I was screaming “this is crazy!!!!

Moving past the experience, it made me wonder how my image is perceived by other people. I am an image-conscious person. I’d say that I’m a Goodie Two-Shoes who will probably do the right thing when my image is at line. For others, I’d probably do the easier way out of things. So, it was interesting to note that I come off as a motivated, driven person to a stranger. Well, I do look intense like I have a mental debate going on. Maybe that’s what brought it about but it’s pretty weird still.

But, I do really want to be a motivated, driven person not only through a perceived image, but actually be that person. I’ve told some of my peers here that I do not feel motivated and it’s like I am not directing towards a goal, or following through a specific plan. I’ve achieved things that I’ve set out and I never really thought far enough to plan the happily ever after moment.

The year is ending so I’m gonna be in a funk and that can be good coz I can think things through and see what I’ll eventually do.

PS: Buying <insert a nice item here> is not a goal.


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