I think this is the first time I’m experiencing snow here in Cincinnati this year. This one is less dramatic as compared to the blizzard I experienced in 2007. I did not even notice it this time. I was just checking the notifications in my iPhone and I noticed that we have snow fall today.

I have not written much here. I’ve been trying to find inspiration that will enable me to write some more. Oh well, it’s not working so I just let the words flow here without coherence, or style. What has been going on so far? The most notable I guess will be Thanksgiving weekend. Kathy was here in Cincinnati and I got to celebrate my 1st Thanksgiving. It was not the normal American thanksgiving celebration since I spent it with the Filipino-Latino gang here. No turkey too! The crowning glory I guess is… Black Friday! I was amazed by the jaw-dropping deals that we’ve seen! X-Box 360 was $199! PS3 was $199 too! A 50″ LCD was like $350! It was surreal. My credit card has been swiped a few times, but I did not bring home the “big ticket” items. I just had a $25 vacuum cleaner, and some sheets during the Black Friday event.  I had an extension when I hit the Monroe outlet stores and bought some stuff for my parents and my self. I cannot wait for next year where I’ll be more prepared and ready to take on the bigger items.

So far, that’s it pansit! I’ll try to blog some more details with my life here in Cincinnati. I’ve been vague since I arrived here and it was just something I’m trying to work with. Hopefully, I get to sort out the direction of my life and I can also focus in executing my plans to achieve my goals.


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