Let’s See

One of my fantasies is to wake up one day and be a different and better person. There are many things that I want to change about myself, and wished that it could have been better/different. These things range from physical attributes to quirks and the way I think. One of them is having the confidence to be able to do things without any hesitations.

My friend Dan mentioned before that improving one’s self can lead to a boost in self-confidence. That is true, but will achieving that potential high self-confidence be enough motivation to undergo a physical transformation? I am not certain. I applaud those who can sustain such motivation. For me, I need an external source that will direct me to reach that goal. Wanting something is not enough anymore. Sometimes, I must be pushed to that direction to actually work on it. Newton’s first law.

So now that I’m having inner demons related to self-confidence, I am once again faced with the dilemma on what and how to improve myself. That’s a 2012 project I suppose and will definitely be part of any 2012 goals I want to achieve. Talking about goals, I need to go back to 2010 form of doing a data-based goal setting activity. How does this work? I just need to identify the goal that I want to achieve, and put in key measurable indicators that I am actually heading towards that goal. If the velocity is not as expected, or there is an issue, corrective actions can be applied. Yes, I manage my life as a project. It’s the best way to ensure that I achieve it.

Let’s see. Do I need to CMMI my life though??? (Rhetorical question, people!)


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