Passed Out

I never experienced passing out in my life. Actually, I thought that they were overrated before. I mean, how can you just pass out and not catch yourself, right? It’s overly dramatic!

Fast-forward to yesterday at Urban Active in Hyde Park. After around 7 months of not going to a group class, I decided to join the Step class here. First of all, it’s not what I was accustomed. It’s very different than what I used to attend in Manila. It was more choreography-driven! It’s like hi-lo on step! But, I can’t bring the class here so I have to suck it up and adjust to what’s being offered here. Being confident about myself, I tried keeping pace with the whole group. I was able to follow with the motions, but it was really intense. A lot of jumping and other plyometrics! We even had push ups!

I was seriously out of shape. It was too ambitious for me I think. So after around 20 minutes in the class, I stopped and went to back because I was having a hard time catching my breath. Black spots starting to appear in my vision until I blacked out. I did not fall down, and fainted, but more of I just blacked out standing. A nice guy helped me out and that’s when everything started to go back to reality. I was walking out of the room. Everything between leaning on the wall and walking was a complete blank. I think it’s overexertion and perhaps, lack of fluids in my system. It was scary and humbling.

They gave me some Gatorade to replenish my system and a wet towel to cool off my body. The guy (Sean) said that I was cold and clammy. I was just out of it. I just waited out the dizzy spell and once the class was over, I got my stuff and left. I’ll probably skip that class for now. I really need to keep it easy first and be more in tune with how my body is working. Signs of aging. Bah.


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