I just realized that I never blogged about visiting Manila for a quick vacation. Well, I did! For roughly 2 weeks, I spent some down time back home and reconnected with friends and family. I tried not to work and just really did some relaxing (shopping and eating). It was an exciting time because it was the first visit since I arrived in the US last July 30. Some of my friends were even surprised that I went home already just after 6 months. Actually, I already planned on going home in the first half of 2012 because it was just too expensive to go home during the holidays. Ticket prices are doubled during December! It’s just not economical at this point. Also, my friends Steph and Carlo set their wedding date on Feb 4, so it all just worked out together.

For this trip, I was fortunate that the weather was not bad both in the US and the Philippines. I’ve heard that we’ve been experiencing a very warm winter in Cincinnati. I am not really complaining since I felt a bubbling hate inside of me when I scraped the ice off my car.  Then, it was not too warm in the Philippines but it was warm and humid enough for me to bitch like crazy when I was in Manila. I don’t know which I dislike more: iced cars or sweat-inducing walks due to humidity.

Even with the stressful weather, I enjoyed myself with scrumptious food and amazing company. I had my share of Jollibee, ripe mangoes and even Good Shepherd’s ube! My mom has been the perfect accomplice as well preparing or buying all the food that I’ve craved for in the last 6 months! Almost all of the food that I missed have been properly documented in my Facebook account. When I returned, a lot of people asked me if I spent time in the beach. I wish I did, but knowing myself, having 10 days in my urban jungle was enough! I spent a ton of time going through various malls around the Metro to look for nice finds and of course, eat food.


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