Bus bus

Going to office has been very expensive. If you are going to add up everything, I need to drive roughly 15 miles to downtown, pay $8 for parking, eat out and get a cup of Joe from Starbucks or my cheaper alternative, Yagoot. Still, the cost racks up. And now, gas prices have been soaring. It’s now 3.95/gal!!! I can’t believe it. Pfft. It strengthens my resolve to actually use the bus commuting to and fro the office. It’s 2.65 one way so it practically costs me 5.30 per day. That’s still cheaper than my parking! 

Last Tuesday and yesterday, I missed the bus so it was pretty annoying. I was looking at an older route schedule. In the old one, the last bus leaves at 8:21am, but they moved it 5 minutes earlier. I figured that out yesterday after waiting for 10 minutes in the bus stop. Oh well, I learned from that and got in the office today via the bus.


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