Coffee Shops

There is something about coffee shops that relaxes me. When I need to study or relax, a quick trip to a Starbucks usually does the trick. The idea of a place where you can just lounge and watch the people come and go just puts me at ease. In a weird way, it gives me a sense of community without the need of really being part of it. The background noise can make me focus better and it helps drown the distractions away. And, anything can happen. It can be a May-December love affair, a meeting of leaders deciding the fate of people, or just people who share the same love of coffee and the shops that sell them.

I have not really done this in Cincinnati except today. I have a free Saturday. Instead of just burning time at home, I decided to be outdoors – my style of course. After my gym session, I  made a quick stop to Kenwood for some lunch and window shopping. Then, I drove to my Blue Ash Starbucks for a cup of Toffee Nut Latte, and a nice booth where I reread Hunger Games and put more effort in Draw Something. After a very stressful week, I feel like I’m in my Zen place. Utter bliss.


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