I finally installed Android in my HP Touch pad. I have read a lot of people who have done this, but I didn’t really see the need to port to Android then. I usually use my Touch pad for Pandora, browsing and Kindle. It frustrated me that those are the only apps available that I can enjoy. The catalyst: Draw Something. I’ve been playing this app in my iPhone for quite some time and I got annoyed having to draw in a very small screen. When Irene got upgraded to a Samsung Galaxy S2, and she also has Draw something, it dawned to me that I can actually do that as well!

I am actually enjoying Android for the tablet. It is very responsive and I love the Widgets! It is very different from IOS, and I like other certain innovations that Android has. Perhaps I will end up buying an Android  tablet in the future because there are certain issues still (no camera, unstable Wi-Fi) but for now it is serving its purpose. :-)


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