“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.” – Buddha

Since yesterday, I was trying to compose my thoughts and come up with a coherent entry that can sum up what’s really raging in my head. It has been difficult because I have not been feeling inspired to blog. But, here I am right now listening to Jessica Sanchez and eating a pint of Aglamesis Banana Chocolate Chip Ice Cream hoping that something can be made out of nothing.

I know that I want to write about a realization that I had as of date — I think too much about what happened, and what will happen. That’s why I have a quote about that (Thank you Google). Simply put, I overthink things that are done and things that haven’t occurred. And what am I doing with what I can control RIGHT NOW — nothing. I keep on complaining about growing old alone in this place (say it with malice), and how terrible my life has been — yes, I sound such an ingrate. The thing is — I am very thankful with what has happened in my life, and I am very excited about the opportunities that can happen.

I want to be positive about my life. I guess the Project Manager in me just puts up the worst-case scenario in my head and dwell in the negativity. I need to be more positive about my life and do things that will make me feel happy. I have to be thankful everyday about experiencing life that only I see from my point of view. What I experience, see and feel is uniquely my own. No one sees it the same way. So maybe, it’s time to start over and just let go of the failures, regrets, what-ifs and intangible plans. It’s time to grab the reigns of what I can control and… LIVE.


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