I was originally planning to go to Chicago this weekend, but I procrastinated and it was too late to get better deals with hotels, and bus rides. However, I was still dead set of getting out of Cincinnati this weekend and the next best thing is Columbus. I have not been here, so it’s pretty cool to actually visit this place. I just know that Ohio State University is here, and I just mailed my Ohio tax return to Columbus.

That’s about it.

Well, I also know that there’s a California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) here. I had lunch there earlier and there was actually some drama too. Well, an ambulance came and picked up some guy. I did not know what really happened to him, but he seemed conscious. It’s the first time I’ve witnessed something like that.

I then went around Short North but didn’t really walk around due to the chilly weather. I then settled in a Starbucks near OSU to just burn some time (cleaning up my email) before I go for dinner — where? I don’t know!

It’s a nice break from my usual Cincinnati life (Kenwood Mall). Let’s see if I can wait out the night life. :P


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