Pride Burst

PRIDE BURST — I was already dead set to go to Columbus to check out the gay pride. The first time I witnessed a pride march was in Strasbourg during my quick stint there but it felt different for me then. Even if it was more festive, I did not feel the same wave of emotions that hit me today. My initial expectation was that it’s just one of the things that I need to experience and be “tourist-y” about it. I am so wrong.

It was the first time that I felt PRIDE. I never found any good reason to be proud of being gay. It just felt like that it’s a part of me that I need to live with. So, even if it has been much debated, and much hated by different sectors of society, I just need to move on with my life knowing that I will always be different. Today, I did not feel pride because of the tons of gay people that were in Columbus. It is a given — gay pride is a gay event filled with gay people. I felt pride because I witnessed people who had my back and there’s no reason for me to feel subpar. It felt that people actually wanted to include me in the greater society. I saw different people from various walks of life — straight, gays, hermaphrodites, religious, children, atheists, politicians, etc — who actually are marching for me. People who believe that I should have the same civil rights as any person. People who believe that it’s OK to be people like me. It made me tear up a bit when the “LGBT for Obama” crew passed by and people were cheering, “Four more years!” because they are also rooting for equality — for my sake.

What’s weird though is that this event comes in a time of my life where I was losing hope. A few days ago, I was ready to blog something about hope being a lie and there are just things that will never be changed. I had to accept that there are those who are loved, and those who are not. Today, after months of being here in the US, I actually felt a genuine spring of hope. It actually made me believe that THINGS WILL BE BETTER. It makes me look forward for tomorrow.



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