Glass Half-Empty

While I was folding away my clothes from the drying machine, I had a very chilling thought. The world does not care.

I was once again thinking about the future and how the odds look like with people like me. I was thinking if my hope is misplaced. I have remained optimistic mainly because of the premise that there are around 7 billion, and for sure there, should be a match there. The odds should be with you all the time — especially with the Internet and better transportation and communication means.

Then, while I picked up one of my gray shirt from my dryer, I thought that I had so much gray shirts (yes, I think I have 5-6 pieces). They were all the same, and still like that. The world does not care on the number of gray shirts I had, I thought. Then, that quickly shifted to another skewed up idea — there are around 1 billion people hungry. Day-by-day, they remain hungry and the world moves on forward. If I removed the 1 billion hungry people in the world, how will this shake my life? I just learned that there are 1 billion hungry people and it’s a big probability that it will not affect me as well.

Then I thought, if I move on in my life alone, then that’s there to it. Of course, I can easily “settle” with someone I do not fully love. It’s the practical way. But, letting the world put its hands into it and let a fairy tale unfold, it’s far from it. Human history shows that. We look back at all human cruelty and we see how people can be bad, and also be alone. Yet, we are still stuck in that cycle and no matter what we do, it cannot be changed, but accepted. These are the realities of the world.

The last time I blogged, I enjoyed the sense of community for a marginalized sector of society. I felt that there’s something good in store. We have a political climate that supports tolerance, acceptance and change. Each individual makes up this community and every one has his own thread of life with a rich experience of what is good and bad. Will everyone get what they want/need? No, but we just have to be thankful that we can still live our lives with quality. It’s a life that can either fight or flow with the current.


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