Before Sunset

I decided to watch Before Sunrise and Before Sunset just for kicks. I’ve heard very good feedback with these movies and I totally fell in love with them. I think I like Before Sunset more than Before Sunrise because I could relate more to Celine and Jesse being in their early 30s and already “lived life” and had more experience. Their insights about the world, love and life were just spot on! The realities and ideas are just so relevant that I empathized with the characters and it’s as if they are reading my mind and life.

In some weird twist, it spoke to me more because of something that happened today similar to Before Sunset, but with a different tone and outcome — that entry will be a protected one (sorry, kids).

I love the cynicism and romanticism that fueled Before Sunset. In Before Sunrise, it was pure romance. You meet someone in the train and spend the day in Vienna with that stranger. The dynamics was exquisite and you can see the bubbling romance from the two! But, in Before Sunset, they have scarred and more doused by reality. They have enjoyed success in their separate lives, but they have also accepted failures as part of reality that they can never escape. However, it made it more romantic! Against all odds and cynicism, they were able to reconnect and establish something good out of it.


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