Lazy Weekends

I feel conflicted sometimes when the weekend starts. Should I make the most out of the weekend by doing a ton of activities that I won’t be able to do during the week, or should I chill/relax and enjoy having the peace of mind of not actually working. I had plans today to go to Annabel’s and finally quench my craving for Eggs of the House. At 2PM, I was still in bed trying to be caught up in Awkward (Yes, I’m done!). I ended up just cooking at home and taking a nap after eating a very late lunch. Good thing I woke up around 6:30pm because I had dinner plans with Tommy! Sometimes, I feel guilty with just sleeping in and not being productive with my day.

Anyway, I ended up making the most of the last few hours of the weekend. I ate at Smoq and watched Step Up Revolution. So, next weekend, I will have my internal conflict of what to do on the weekend: productive or lazy?


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