I’ve decided to blog something that excites me. I’ve always felt that I don’t feel any major passion in life so I guess I’ll just work on the small ones that makes me excited. 

The upcoming mini-tablets. What’s better, an iPad Mini or Kindle Fire 2? Or perhaps the Nexus 7 tablet? I’ve almost 75% decided that I will get a mini-tablet. I like it because its size is small enough to be brought anywhere, versus a tablet where I feel that I cannot easily use outside. Another attractive point is how competitive the price is. The Kindle Fire came out with a $199 price tag. Compare that to the iPad 2 which starts at $499, and you realize the price difference is kinda big. Also, I still have my handy HP Touchpad with an Android OS (CM9 Tenderloin) which is working pretty good. I have my Android apps there and that tablet was just $149. Good deal.

I’m leaning towards the iPad Mini but it will all depend on the price. If they release it with a $250 price tag, it will be too difficult to resist! Of course, the specs will matter as well but Apple has not disappointed yet in that department. Kindle Fire though is priced at $199. You also have Amazon integration! With an Amazon Prime account, you have Amazon’s 2-day deliveries, and access to shows, movies and books easily in your Amazon device.

We’ll know more in the next few months. Amazon will have a press con this Sept 5 to announce something. All tech bloggers are saying it’s a new Kindle Fire (2) so I will finally know how much of an improvement was made from the flagship device. On the Apple front, Sept 12 is probably the iPhone event, and rumor has it that the iPad Mini news will be released in a separate event in October, if it isn’t announced yet in the iPhone event. 

I’m excited about that!


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