There are things that I want to do but the sensible and logical side of me tells me NO. I am not a risk taker. I consider a lot of things in making decisions because I believe in consequences. I believe in being responsible enough to know that my actions have effects not only to myself, but to others, and also to the future. I can’t just charge forward and forget about consequences and whatever/whoever gets in the way. So, I try to carefully craft decisions to the point that I can even say I’m a very slow decision-maker.

I faced a situation where I could have let things go my way NOW, or be the bigger man and let it go for his sake and also for me. I’m gutted, but I think that it’s the best course of action for this situation especially if I look at it in the long run. I also know that I can move past this. History showed me that I’ve done it before and I could do it again. I’m at ease though that even I know that the choice of letting go leaves a bitter taste in my mouth, I know that it’s right to do this. 


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