The weekend after Thanksgiving, i decided to take a mini-vacation and go to Chicago. Instead of driving, I just rode the Megabus which seemed more economical and convenient. My experience with Megabus is good since we did not experience any delays or crazy drivers or passengers. I think I’ll ride that again next time. From Friday to Sunday, I went around Chicago and enjoy some of its sights and sounds. I absolutely love it. It was busy enough, but not as intense like New York City. It also seemed cleaner and it still has some of the midwest niceness which I already got accustomed to. I remember some of the feedback I got was to be wary of the weather because it was very chilly and windy. However, I got lucky because we got high 50s that weekend making walking around The Loop, and Magnificent Mile easy (not for my legs though which was so tired).

I will definitely go back to Chicago and explore it some more. I felt that I did not do much during this trip in exploring what it’s like to live here. Basically, I was just a tourist! I think I went to all tourist traps such as Magnficent Mile, Millennium Park, and Hancock Center. I was able to check out Boystown but didn’t really experience the night life. There will be definitely a next time to try that out maybe after winter.


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