Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

I welcomed 2012 last year here in the US. It was the first time that I celebrated new year’s separated from my family. It was an interesting change, and a sign of growing up and moving forward in life. And, if I will sum up 2012, that’s it — growing up. It was not about a grandiose idealistic plan of changing who I am. It was just taking it day-by-day and adjusting to the new life that I have. Was it the best case scenario? Not at all. There are so many things that I wish I can change (lack of love life is the glaring piece!), and things that I wish I should have done. However, all is in the past and all I can do is look back to reminisce and hopefully, not make the same mistakes. It’s pretty cool though that last year, I was complaining that I was getting bored with my life here. I had so much free time I thought. Then, when the volleyball meetups came and I was more serious with gym, I was having problems adjusting again because I did not have enough time anymore! It’s a nice problem to have because I think I’ve fully assimilate life here! :-)

Did I meet my goals?

  • Financially – I said I’ll earmark 25% of my pay. I added things up and it’s not 25% at all. I think it’s around 20%, but it was not too bad for my first year considering that I bought some big ticket items that I needed for my apartment. 
  • Career – I changed roles at the start of 2012! It put a wrench on all of my plans and made me realize that people management is not my cup of coffee. I can tolerate it, but I don’t think I’ll shine here. It’s just not for me. It frustrates me that I cannot easily resolve issues that reaches me especially when the issues are about my team. Bah. Can’t wait to get out of this role.
  • Health – I think I met this goal. I’ve been going to the gym and playing volleyball regularly now. Does it show? Unfortunately, no. There’s still a lot of things to work on and I am still contemplating if I will take the big step of drastically changing my diet. Paleo comes to mind. ::cringe::
  • Social & Personal – I think participating in meetup volleyballs increased the size of my circle. It’s getting better but not the stage where I want. I dated some but nothing serious.

Overall, I think I did well but I did not reach all the tangible targets that I set. I think it’s time again to really track things and follow them up. I think my Excel tracker will be revived this 2013. :-)

Speaking of 2013, what do I want to achieve this year? On a high level, I think I just need to continue on with my 2012 goals and really focus on them so that they are properly monitored and controlled. I had an execution problem this year and I needed to really make sure that things get done. I need to be more tangible as well with some of them.

I need to improve my social skills. I need learn to speak up and question things verbally and not just ask them in my head. Hopefully, getting more fit will improve some of my self-perception issues, and will increase my confidence. I will be changing roles this year as well, so that is something I am excited about. Nothing specific yet but I realized with working in the AM team that it is not for me. Hopefully, I get into projects again. Speaking of projects, I need to learn more about it and the latest trends. I haven’t learned much on new SAP solutions and project management methodologies. I really need to invest in that. I posted in my FB that I am now going the Americano or brewed coffee route and I’m quitting “insert syrup” lattes. Hopefully that sticks! I also want to improve my game (and jump!) in volleyball, and finish all the PS3 games I bought (I have 3 that I want to finish!).  Finally, I am planning to head to Europe for my 30th and visit the Philippines around November-December timing. Ambitious things right now, but they are goals that I need to plan for and execute as well!

I just realized I did not even talk about love/relationships as one of the goals. If it happens, it happens. I don’t want to plan for it anymore, or do active steps to do it. I think I’m doing enough that I can here. Let’s see how things go for 2013!

I’m really excited for it to come because it brings a lot of changes in my work, and I have some amazing plans as well. 2013 is my 30th birthday, so it will definitely be a milestone! :-)


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