Enero Uno

It’s 2013 already! I am filled with hope that this year will be a better one! Like I mentioned before, there are some changes/milestones that will happen in 2013 that excite me.

How did I start the year? Well, last night, I was so tired that I did not even go out anymore. By 1210, I was already out cold. I don’t know why I was so tired though considering that yesterday was not really that tiring. I guess that’s age creeping up on me. I was craving for some dimsum and decided to grab some Grand Oriental. This place always make me full!


I decided to shop at Marshall’s next. Tons of clearance things but I did not buy much. I just wanted some socks and was able to buy a pair of sports pants. Not too shabby for an unplanned shopping trip.

I was off to Starbucks next to finally create my goal tracker that I wrote about yesterday. I put in some tangible targets and it did not sound so daunting — except maybe the financial targets because they are just steep considering I am not sure of my financial situation next year. Here’s some of the things that I want to do:

  • Get trained in another SAP technology, and PM methodologies
  • Try the Paleo diet for 30 days
  • Increase my vertical leap by 6-10″
  • Zero syrup drinks – go brewed/Americano coffee
  • Watch >50 movies
  • Have 4 vacation trips
  • Finish 5 games
  • Learn a new hobby/craft
  • Blog around 10 times a month

I’ve put them in my tracker already. I will probably do some monthly report similar to what I did in  2009. Why am I actually doing this? I figured that since I’m gonna be 30 this year, I want to really achieve tangible things. I usually have this feeling that I am not doing much, or I have not achieved much even if I actually did. I guess quantifying things and being able to say I actually followed through things that I said I would do gives me a sense of achievement. Perhaps the ISTJ in me. :-) Anyway, bring it on, 2013! :-) I’m excited for you! Be nice to me as well, please!




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