Almond Milk


Almond Milk. I was hesitant to buy a big carton of Almond milk but there’s really no other option available. Paleo diet has no dairy, so I am trying to see how almond milk will fit in. Actually, I am not sure if almond milk is Paleo. Almond nuts is Paleo, so I just assumed almond milk is.

I bought one so that I can find a proper coffee companion. I’ve tried drinking my coffee black for the past few weeks, and taking a sip has always been a harrowing experience. I usually cheat by adding some milk since I haven’t started my Paleo challenge. I was just testing daily food/drinks I take and how I can cope in a Paleo diet. So far, it tastes OK with my coffee. I wish I can add some sugar in my cup, but I’ll have to settle with this (versus pure black bitter coffee… BLECH!).


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