Day 1: Weird Things You Do When You’re Alone

All this time, i thought I was pretty weird. However, I can’t think of any weird things I do when I’m alone. Or, maybe how I act alone is weird already for others, but pretty normal for me. Let’s try to list them down:

  • Talk to myself. It’s easier to hear things especially when you are thinking about something where you are not that sold to the idea yet. 
  • Get lost in wikipedia/forums. I don’t like to read books, but I love reading wikipedia and forums. I contributed a bit in the Tagalog Wikipedia during my college years, but I stopped eventually. 
  • Dance/Sing. I cannot dance and I cannot sing well. I think it’s weird but when alone and no one’s there, I dance to my remix tunes or sing songs. I remember that when I was younger, dancing to Beyonce’s Crazy In Love wakes me up. What was I thinking?!
  • Online dating. I don’t know if this is still weird, but I don’t think everyone does it. I go to sites  and mobile apps to check profiles, messages, etc. You never know!

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