That stressed me out a bit…

I was stressed out earlier because when I opened my dishwasher, it did not drain! Good thing it did not overflow out of the dishwasher, but seeing my still dirty dishes and sorta dirty water totally threw me out of the loop. I googled a bit and realized that my dishwasher might be clogged. Uh-oh. How do you fix that? To add to that, my kitchen was a mess with a pile of dirty dishes and now I had to troubleshoot how to clear this problem. It was not a good start.

Multitasking between actual work and this domestic issue, I was able to figure things out. I removed the water from the bottom part of the dishwasher using a baster (thanks Walmart!), and then I removed the dishwasher basket and cleaned it out. It was filled with some gross gunk. There was also some lemongrass stuck somewhere there. I put in some hot water to make sure it goes down, then I ran it once with just vinegar to clean the whole dishwasher. Voila! It worked! I loaded my dirty dishes again and it’s now cleaned up with water going down the drain successfully. Crisis averted, but stress points went up today.

Lessons learned:

  1. This DIY guide was very helpful –>
  2. A turkey baster is a good siphoning device.
  3. Clean your dishwasher regularly using vinegar.
  4. Pre-clean your dishes! As one blog mentioned, your dishwasher is not a food disposal unit.

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