Day 5: 5 things that irritate you about the opposite/same sex

In a general sense, these are the things that irritate me irregardless of sex.

  1. Feeling entitled. I grew up learning that if you want something, you have to work hard for it. There are even times when life throws you lemons and you don’t get something you worked hard for. There are some people who just complain that they are entitled for something. Honestly, no, you don’t.
  2. Preachy with religion. I’m not religious at all. I’m a pragmatic agnostic. I believe that knowing whether a “god” exists or not does not matter in our lives. This is my belief and I don’t expect other people to believe the same way since I think we have different circumstances. This works for me. So, when people shove their beliefs down my throat, it really pisses me off because it doesn’t work that way.
  3. Bullies / Bigots. Being different is tough so hearing narrow-minded people spew hate is just plain annoying. People are living their own lives and they do not affect yours directly. Live with it. Diversity!
  4. Damsel in distress / Misplaced dependence. There are just people who expect that people will come to their rescue all the time. They are dependent on other people to provide them help/info and they get pissed off when people do not help them. I’m OK for people who ask for help as a last resort, and not the first step. Do your job first, then I’ll help you.
  5. Inconsistency. People have values and beliefs and I’m happy that they have that. What’s annoying though is that they have this belief structure where it just applies to them when it’s convenient. Practice what you preach. If you are a hardcore Christian, don’t pick 10 things from a list of 20 values to live by. Live 20 of them! That’s why I don’t really get Gay Catholics for example.

Update: I just realized I did not explain much of it so I added some more background on it.


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