I can’t believe it. If what I heard is correct, my neighbor downstairs is dead. When I got home around 9:15 pm from volleyball, an old couple asked me if I can let them in so they can check on their son who was not answering. I’m Mr. Nice Guy so I let them in and waited with them as they banged on the door.

No answer.

I gave them the number of the manager of the building to see if he can help them, but since the lease wasn’t under their name, the manager cannot open the door. They had to call 911 for that. The mom didn’t really want to make a big fuzz yet so they just were thinking of ways to enter like if they had a copy of the keys. I left them there so I can eat some dinner but I told them that if they needed anything, they can just knock on my door.

After around an hour, I heard a wailing of “he’s dead! he’s dead!” I got curious and stepped outside to hear what’s going on. I dunno if what I overheard was right but it seemed that the guy shot himself inside the apartment.

Gosh! I’m just so affected! I dunno if I can sleep properly tonight!


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