It’s Feb!

January was over 6 days ago and the 1st week of February is almost over. Time is really moving so fast. So far, things have been better after the sad story I blogged a few weeks ago. It just felt weird for a day or two, but we are now back to normalcy in the building as if it never happened. I guess it helps that I really never knew him (a bit sad though, right?).

So what’s in store for this month? It’s P-A-L-E-O month! I’m completely in full Paleo diet since February 1. Actually, I’ve been weening myself in Paleo during the last week of January but I did not go crazy yet. I had Tiramisu, rice, and other goodies then. Since Feb 1 though, I’ve eliminated them all. I think the worst thing I’ve done as of date is using Kosher Salt (is this Paleo?) during a cook in at Irene’s house.

Surprisingly, I haven’t craved for any non-Paleo meals. I’m even surprised with the things I am eating now since I don’t usually eat them. Who would have thought I’m gonna eat baby spinach with burger patties? Or, I add guacamole as a taste booster in some of the things I eat. I’m also a black coffee drinker now! I’m happy that being in this diet is allowing me to explore things I won’t usually touch. Snaps for that!

The only downside is the cost. I’m now a Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods shopper! I still buy some stuff from Kroger, but most of the things that are Paleo (read: no extra chemicals) aren’t found in Kroger. The best example is grass-fed meat. Almost all meat I find in Kroger is grain fed which is not the best option for Paleo. I have to go to Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods to check the meat and see what’s grass fed. Grocery shopping has become a chore now coz I check the ingredients. I try not to get anything with chemicals, or even sugar. I am not complaining though. I lost some pounds and I have more energy than usual. I’m happy about it.

I went to the dentist last Monday for a crown and some filings. It costs a bunch, but that’s how it is (First World problems). I dunno if it’s because of that visit, but I’ve been feeling sick since yesterday. Today was extra bad so I took the day off and just slept the day. I feel better so I hope it remains that way.

Finally, my PERM is still in processing. Sighs. I’ve been reading in the forums that some of the folks with the same priority date have been approved. I dunno what’s taking so long to be honest, but I’ll just have to wait it out again for a week or two and call up the lawyers for an update.

PS: I’ll update the 30-day blog challenge once again. Hopefully, I get more inspired to write more.


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