Day 10: Your thoughts on drugs and alcohol

Alcohol. Lucky for me, I have the Asian Flush. Drinking alcohol makes me turn red and eventually itch. I read about it before and it’s mainly genetics. I do not have a gene that can breakdown alcohol in my system. Ergo, there’s some physical “allergic” manifestations of it. I was never a heavy drinker, and I just consider myself a social drinker. Since I’m doing Whole30 now, and eventually maintain a mostly Paleo diet in the future, I don’t know if I’d even take any alcohol. We’ll see.

Drugs. I have never done drugs to be honest. The closest I guess was when I went to Amsterdam and almost tried one of their cannabis coffee shops. Common sense got the best of me because I was due for a driver’s license renewal (drug test required) so I didn’t do it. I would probably want to try it with friends, since I am curious how my body would react. For me, as long as drugs do not dictate your life (i.e. addiction), that’s your business. Once you start affecting other people negatively, that’s a  NO!


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