Paleo Diet Update!

I’m pretty amazed with myself. I know it sounds very narcissistic but I am just very proud of myself being committed to the Paleo Diet for 23 days (and counting) already. That’s 23 days of no rice, sugar, bread, dairy or other legumes, wheat, and grains. I only remember one time when I really crave for something non-paleo (crepes!), but so far, I’ve been enjoying my Whole30 month. I’ll be getting some measurements on March 3 (the 31st day!) and see how much improvements happened.

So what’s going to happen on March 3? Will I splurge with all the food I missed for 30 days? I’ve already told some of my friends here, but I think I will continue the Paleo diet but with some exceptions. I still plan to live the Paleo lifestyle, but I will also be social and eat out with my friends. I’ve skipped a lot of Supper Clubs and eat outs for February because of limited options. Actually, I’ve eaten out ONCE only in February. Irene and I had to go to Nordstrom Café and the only menu item I could get was the Roast Chicken with Herb Butter and French Fries. Of course, I had to request to remove the herb butter and replace the French Fries with mixed greens with olive oil and balsamic vinegar! I was telling Irene/Diane that I have become a “difficult customer!” Haha!

This totally surprised me because I never knew that I can actually do this thing. I was very nervous going into February but now, I feel more confident than ever. I’m not really a risk-taker and I always try to stay within my comfort zone because I’m sure of it. I do not like uncertainty and I would prefer to plan things out rather than be surprised. Doing the Paleo Diet is definitely not within my comfort zone. If you ask me a few months ago if I am willing to give up rice and replace it with baby spinach, lettuce or zucchini, I would have said HELL NO. If you served me guacamole a few months ago, I would have skipped it and made a face. Now, I am obsessed with guacamole, baby spinach and zucchini!

With this as an exercise, I think what made it work is knowing boundaries of the unknown. Going outside of your comfort zone usually brings uncertainty, but knowing the boundaries of this diet made it palatable to me. I like the idea of branching out to some known unknown. I knew a lot of things about Paleo Diet through research, but the only thing I didn’t know was my reaction. My reaction can be controlled, and I knew I was getting into something controlled as well. So, it worked perfectly for me.


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