Done with Whole30!



After 30 days, I’m finally done with my Whole30 diet! Cheers! I think it’s probably one of my biggest achievements for this year (or forever?). If you asked me a few months/years ago, I would have said a big NO. Cutting a lot of things out of my daily routine especially when it comes to food was just unacceptable. But, here I am and loving the big change!

As for results, I’ve lost 5 pounds in 30 days, and a total of 10 lbs already since the start of 2013. I did a trial in January mixing some Paleo diet ideas in my routine. I feel more fit especially when I play volleyball. I think my game improved as well but I think that’s a combination of training and good diet. My sleep so far has been good as well, and I can focus easier with work.

I didn’t eat out much due to the lack of options, and I didn’t really know how they prepared my food — yes, I was that particular. I’ve done most of my grocery shopping in Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s especially when it comes to grass-fed meat, free-range chicken and eggs, and other organic goodness (coco water!). I still pick up all of my fresh produce in Kroger though. I’m still a cheapo that way! Haha! So, my grocery expenses I think skyrocketed in February (~$650 in a month!), but it was still within my monthly food budget so my eat out expenses just became more groceries.

What’s next? I’m still continuing the diet but I’m not going to be that strict. I’ll still try to do more Paleo options when I can. For example, we ate at Boston Market earlier. Their Roast Chicken is not actually Paleo (it has soy), but I got that and traded my usual corn and mac & cheese, with steamed vegetables and green beans. I’m happy for making this change!

For more details about the Whole30 diet, you can visit this page.


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