Fitness update!

After my Whole30 month, I’ve slowly loosen the reins of my Paleo diet. I’ve been “cheating” and eating non-Paleo goodies for the past few weeks. Of course, when I’m at home, I still eat strictly Paleo. I try to just stray away from the diet when there’s a gathering with friends. Just trying to be social and not be too particular with the food I eat especially when we decide to eat out.

My problem now is I think I’m still losing weight. I’m now down to 138 lbs and the low carb diet is just making it difficult to gain some muscle/strength. Based on what I’ve read, I need more fats in my body. I’ve been stuffing myself with sweet potatoes and eggs for the past few days, but I still find it difficult to lift heavier things in the gym. I’m now planning to introduce grass-fed dairy in my normal (Paleo) diet. I’ll try this for around 2 weeks and see how my body responds. When I was a kid, I was a bit lactose intolerant so I am not sure if it will wreak havoc inside my body. Let’s see how this will turn out.


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