The Unused Weekend

I was planning a road trip last weekend just to change the pace of things and jumpstart some adventure and spontaneity in my life. Unfortunately, life has different things in store for me. Last Friday, I visited my PCP to have something checked (nothing serious and not worth sharing) and decided to talk about vaccines since I have no idea how current I am. Apparently, I need to update my shots every 10 years. I got my blood drawn for a titer to check if I have Hepatitis antibodies, and also got a tetanus shot. Long story short, my body reacted to the vaccine and I was practically bedridden from Saturday until Sunday. I had fever, fatigue, body pain, headache and just wanted to sleep. I think I’ve slept around 40 hours in those 2 days. Instead of the roadtrip, I was just nursing myself back to health. Today, I feel so much better except for some soreness in the area where I got my shot.

Next week, I am dreading if this weekend will be a repeat. My doctor’s office called me earlier for my titer results. It seems that I do not have the antibodies for Hepatitis. Oh joy! Another visit to the doctor this Friday to get my shot. I’m crossing my fingers that I do not feel as shitty as last weekend, but we’ll see!


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