Mystery of High Electricity Bill: Solved!

My electricity bill skyrocketed this month. I knew there was a problem, but I just don’t know where the source is. Usually, I would pay around $80-$100 for my electricity, but my most recent bill was $150. When I checked the Kwh usage, it was 890! OMG. To give you an idea of my usual usage:

  • Feb-Mar: 890 kwh
  • Jan-Feb: 577 kwh
  • Dec-Jan: 427 kwh
  • Nov-Dec: 427 kwh
  • Oct-Nov: 383 kwh

I already knew something was strange. So for the past few days, I’ve turned off everything in my apartment when I went to the office, and I was surprised that my apartment was still consuming 30 kwh per day even if the apartment is pretty much empty. I was already thinking of turning off the refrigerator, gas range and furnace to see if that will affect things. I did my laundry earlier, and realized that there’s another circuit box near my meter. When I opened it, it had water heater, then it clicked in my head that it might be this! I looked for my water heater in the basement and it was pretty easy because I was hearing some hissing sound. Lo and behold, it was leaking! I called up the apartment management and hopefully they’ll take care of this ASAP.


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