The Bay Area

I usually do not blog about work, but this is bordering life-changing. I might be headed to the Bay Area for a project. I’m being considered for a PM role in the Bay Area and that will require me to be there around 50%-100% of my time. The manager I’ve talked to was actually asking 100%-75% onsite presence but I thought that was just TOO MUCH! I negotiated to start from 50% and see where it goes. Meaning, I’ll extend if there’s a need. I still enjoy my quiet, and nondescript Cincinnati life to be honest. I love the flexibility of my work, and all the personal activities I’ve been doing lately — Paleo cooking, playing volleyball, and working out. Almost all of these things, I have to give up. My friend Ronald convinced me to give it more serious thought  because I was already ready to say “no” due to the heavy travel requirements. I really do not have any plans to move to California — I’m a four-season weather fan! Getting a temporary assignment sounds like a good deal to actually explore the West Coast and experience living there a bit. I’ll probably visit Portland, Seattle, and other West Coast cities that interest me. Although, I’m most excited about is eating at Jollibee there! J

It’s almost sure but I’m still trying to get one more approval from my management chain before this becomes a 100% YES. Let’s see.


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