What Do I Want?

When I was trying to decide on accepting the assignment in California, one of my friends told me to tie it up to a goal. If the decision will contribute in reaching the goal, go for it. However, I was stupefied at that moment because I did not have a long term goal (something I want to work for in 5-10 years). Career-wise, I did not want to move up in the corporate ladder. I was already satisfied with the work I was doing. I figured that going up will lead to more stress that I do not want anymore. In my personal life, I am actually on the fence with really pushing some life-changing plans because of my green card processing. I don’t want to plan for a future yet where I am uncertain where I can establish roots.

I still want to achieve things though. I’m not just wasting life. If I can be a brat and come up with a wish list of “wants”, what would they be?

  • Move to a progressive and diverse city that has 4 seasons (Chicago? Seattle? Washington DC?)
  • Be in a good, serious relationship and get married
  • Be financially independent (aka “be really rich”)
  • Look good in a tank top
  • Travel to Europe and Latin America for vacation
  • Own a house
  • Be better in volleyball (join a A or BB league?)

I think that’s about it. Those are the things that I want. I’m working on some of them but I have not been really serious on other things. 

I just realized too how these wants are so different compared to a decade ago. 


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