Complaining on being bored when I shouldn’t be.

It’s funny that I keep on complaining that I feel so bored during my weekends and I do not have anything to do. Truthfully, I can do a lot of things but I just do not feel motivated to actually do it. Here’s my dilemma — do I do something for the sake of doing something, or do I just lay down in bed and sleep the day off? Case in point, today, I talked to Irene and she suggested on experimenting on a Filipino Mocha Cake (ala Hizon’s) and finally baptize the KitchenAid Mixer I bought a few days ago. I already got the recipe online, but I ended up sleeping. I woke up at 4:30 PM and went to the gym for my Sunday workout. On my way home, I was thinking of cooking something but I just detoured to a Chipotle and had a very filling Burrito Bowl. This just proves that I can do some things but I just do not do it.

I guess I am not excited about things lately. Ennui, perhaps? I’m turning into a Bovary! I think I just need a vacation or a break to reenergize myself and get back to the groove of things. I was actually banking on letting the new role I’m getting as the initial push to let me explore more things, but I am not sure about that now especially with my lack of excitement with working in the Bay Area. What I need to do is to just do things and whip myself out of the comforts of my bed (a black hole!). So what’s on the list of things to do:

  • I bought a KitchenAid. I should bake something! I wanted to make Calamansi Muffins, and the Mocha Cake.
  • I have a sewing machine. I need to dress my throw pillows so they will finally get used!
  • I have a Playstation 3. Oh dear, I’m still in the early stages of FF 13. I have 5 RPGs still in the queue.
  • I need to bortify. I need to really increase my protein intake and be serious with lifting weights.

There. Let’s see what’s going to be stricken out of the list. I forgot one last item — I have a blog! I was thinking of doing some more blogging about things I do and things I am really passionate about. Lately, my blogs have been too cerebral that I do not even understand it anymore. Let’s go back to basics and keep it simple. Good luck to me!


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