2013 Philippine Elections

On Monday, the mid-term elections will happen. Unfortunately, I haven’t been participating in the actual exercise of voting for the past elections. The last time I voted was in the 2004 presidential elections. In 2007, I was in the US, and in 2010, I was in France for business trips so I missed those two and just blogged who I wanted to vote. I am now in the US and I really do not get the OAV registration process so I cannot vote again.

 If I can vote, I would be voting for this roster:


  1. Bam Aquino
  2. Richard Gordon
  3. Risa Hontiveros
  4. Ramon Magsaysay Jr.
  5. Aquilino Pimentel III
  6. — 

Party List: Ang Ladlad

Unfortunately, I can only pick 5 candidates who I really want to vote for. I have some issues with the other candidates, or I am not informed enough to actually cast my vote for them. I’d rather support a handful of candidates than forcibly make a 12-man roster.

Hopefully, the voters are educated enough to actually cast votes to qualified candidates. I know it is just wishful thinking for me knowing that Nancy Binay and Cynthia Villar are in the upper echelons the surveys. How sad is that! Good luck Philippines!


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