Team Asia Volleyball!

Volleyball yesterday was fun! They opened up a Corryville Volleyball meetup again to rated folks and I decided to join in before I limit my volleyball games because of my project in California (I would need to work Pacific Time when in Cincinnati).

There were 2 games where we played Team Asia vs Team USA. There were 11 players last night, and 5 of those are Asians (2 Chinese, 2 Filipinos and 1 Indian). I don’t know if it was a joke at first, but we were grouped together. JV and I were kinda hesitant because we did not have really tall players and I was extra anxious because I was not the best player in the court as well — I think I was the weakest link in the group. Lo and behold, we won 2 straight matches by a mile. Everyone worked well together and we tried to get all the ball as much as we can — Asian defense for the win! I’m really gonna miss playing volleyball here, but hopefully, the ones in California will be fun as well. 


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