I finished Dan Brown’s Inferno earlier before heading to the gym. I really enjoyed reading this. This is so much better than his last book, The Lost Symbol. After reading it, I really do not get the hoopla when the Philippines got a mention in the book. As what Dan Brown said, the book is fiction. And, there is also context on why Manila got branded as the gates of hell. Read it to actually know why because it made sense.

I finally got to play volleyball in LA Fitness earlier. JT, one of the guys I played with in Corryville, mentioned that there’s also some play on Thursdays and Saturdays. I don’t know if I could do the Thursday because of Pacific Time work, but Saturday seems to be the most accessible one. :-) The play was competitive enough and the court was pretty nice as well. So, it was not bad at all. The guys playing were pretty good so it was good competitive volleyball. I think I’m going to make this something regular. I. Like. It.

For the rest of my Saturday, I need to finally finish my chores at home. I still have food in the fridge so I will just be staying in. I also got Wrath of the Titans from the library. I’m all set for Saturday. :-)


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