Life Hack: Fake It Until You Become It.

I was watching some TEDTalk Life Hacks (thank you Netflix!) earlier and one of the quotes that really stuck with me was, “fake it until you become it.” The context of that statement is that there are certain actions that we do that shows strength or weakness. By doing these strength nonverbal actions, you gain more confidence, and you are perceived to be more powerful by other people. And, if you show these weak nonverbal actions, people tend to belittle you and the same goes with yourself.

So what you should do is to try and do more of those those strength nonverbal actions to be more successful in dealing with people and yourself. This helps in dealing with stressful situations. The quote comes in when the speaker advised that you do not have to be that person, but you can act like that person. But, as you continue to do it again and again and again, you actually become it and you eventually change. I think it’s very good advice and I will probably apply it in my life. Tiny tweaks can be big changes. Let’s see how it goes.


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