Before Midnight.

Yesterday, I watched Before Midnight in the Rave Milford. It was Tuesday so it was just $5 which was a pretty good deal. It was also the last time I could watch because the next few days will be busy and I’m flying out to Pleasanton on Sunday morning. Even without company — I was the only person in the theater literally — I enjoyed myself being engrossed with the movie.

I am just in love with this movie. I did not feel mushy about it because my mind was just swimming with amazing insights about love, romance, marriage and life. It’s one of those movies that you just want to talk about because there are tons of things that you pick up — whether you agree to them or not.

Similar to Before Sunset, you see what age/maturity does to you and how you see the world. It’s funny that Celine pointed out how people do not change from how they were during their 20 something selves, but truly, they have evolved as well as new challenges and priorities came into life. And the common thing that grounds them? Love. The movie captures the past, present and to some extent, the future. It’s a brilliant movie and I can’t wait to have all 3 movies in DVD when it comes out.

PS: I really want a Celine/Jessie relationship! All the craziness and shit. But you take it as it is. LOVE!


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