Giving bad news

I have decided to write about some experiences I have about work without getting into details just to share some insights on what I do and my day-to-day life.

Today, I had to give bad news to the customer regarding missed deliverables and trying to get help from them because we’ve done all we can internally to resolve the issue. It was almost a hopeless case because we couldn’t get someone who has the right skills in delivering that solution and we’ve been working 50-60 hours already but it was like a blind leading the blind. My customer was pissed about it, but there was nothing we can do about it. I think she knows about it, but personally, it was the expected reaction when getting poor service. The good thing about my customer though is that even if she was pissed off, she did not focus on what happened but just wanted to move on and discuss our options. It was the best reaction I can get out of the situation.

I knew they had more means in resolving this and just had to take the bullet for this to be over with. I presented the facts to them and explained what we have done and our successes, setbacks and gaps. I reiterated my previous request to them in getting more expertise to this area that I cannot find. We then moved forward in forging how to move forward whether we look into business contingencies or additional resources to try and fix the issues. All in all, it was a bitter pill that we all needed to swallow. She gets her dose of bad news, and I get a dose of bad reaction. Once you swallow it, we just let it move forward and work on fixing things. And later on, we might want to look back and see how we prevent this issue from happening again. Or we can just pretend this never happened. Perfect human condition.

PS: I’m so grateful this is not a Fixed Bid project.


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