Birthday Weekend!

I celebrated my 30th birthday last weekend in Chicago. The last time I went there was the week after Thanksgiving where I really enjoyed myself. I fell in love with the city and promised to return. I traveled with some friends (JV and JT) where we (mostly I) drove from Cincinnati to Chicago. I’m proud to say that I have finally driven to somewhere farther than Columbus. Small victories.

What did we do there? If I could sum it up, it was just shopping, Wendella Boat tour and partying at Boystown. It was really a blast and I really loved it. I didn’t shop much mainly because I’ve done my share of shopping in San Francisco a week before, so JT and JV were the hoarders of this trip. They actually got amazing buys! The Wendella Boat Tour was a recommendation from Irene and I was excited to do it since I enjoyed myself in my San Francisco Tour. It did not disappoint and it’s nice to hear about the rich history of Chicago’s architecture and Lake Michigan! It’s really awesome. And, finally, Boystown! Last time I visited, I did not really go party here, but this time around, we were able to go out and had fun with the clubs and bars in the area! We also met new friends here!

Wendella Boat tour with JV, and JT. The amazing Chicago skyline is behind us!


The Bean @ Millennium Park!


At Minibar in Boystown after our 2nd round of Kiki shots!


We found new friends in Chicago with Mark and Joel! Obviously, I was already drunk here… 



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