Playing Bad.

For this week, my volleyball has been off. I am not sure if I’ve been overtraining but I feel that I’m not getting the results I wanted. I feel so slow and sluggish in the court. My timing is off and my serves have been horrible.

While in Pleasanton, my routine was weights for Monday and Wednesday and then volleyball for Tuesday and Thursdays. Last Tuesday, my legs were like lead and couldn’t jump or move that quickly. I thought it’s because of my leg workout on Monday. I did not do any leg workout yesterday but my game was still off. 

I think I need to add more plyometrics which I have not been doing as of late. I’m thinking of doing 1 leg workout per week and another 1 would have some plyo exercises. I’ll try to test that next week when I’m back in Cincinnati. 

In other news, I might be able to get released from my project earlier than was planned. This is good news, but we will see how things go. Crossing my fingers! Time for bed!


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