I got some good validation yesterday with volleyball. Actually, I started very bad in the game. My serves, digs, spikes were all just plain wrong. But, as the night went by, I got into the groove of things and got into playing the game. My serves were spot on, and I got 3 good hits. My digs were still kinda sketchy but not as bad as the first set. I think what was nice was I surprised most of the folks I play with. I don’t usually hit hard and try to hold back a bit because I get paranoid that my spikes will go out (and I hit them out too). I got a lot of good feedback with how I played last night and I actually had fun. I can’t wait for January so I can be back to normal in my volleyball routine here in Cincinnati. In the meantime, I just need to train further to increase my vertical jump, and being quicker in the court. And please, warm up before playing!


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